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Sound Decisions. Superior Management.

Kamla Hotels provides comprehensive management services that deliver a top quality hotel experience. Whether we're in the initial phase of acquisition, development or daily management, our multiple areas of expertise have helped us develop a solid track record of success. At Kamla, we believe effective hotel management consists of two primary components: the ability of the management team to generate the maximum possible RevPAR in comparison to the property's competitive set and to convert that RevPAR into as much sustainable cash flow available for our clients as possible. Therefore, every property follows a specific plan and budget, ensuring great results and sound fiscal responsibility.

Our management team consists of savvy industry professionals who have a wide range of industry, business and technological skill sets. Because of their deep expertise in these areas, Kamla Hotels' technology, brand and marketing efforts are all handled in-house. The management team deftly assesses market opportunities, develops marketing strategies, and focuses on an ROI-centric analysis to guide the team's decision-making process.

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Efficient Operations

While Kamla's management team adheres to proven business practices and effective cost controls, our property staff puts on a helpful, friendly face to ensure a pleasant experience for all hotel guests. Every property staff member has been trained to handle any hotel situation, and is accountable for adhering to Kamla Hotel's highest standards and objectives.
It's all part of our mission to provide an unbeatable value in our product-and to build a dynamic, long-lasting relationship with each guest. This is the real foundation of Kamla Hotel's formula for success. Our property managers respond to guests across multiple mediums and social networking environments, creating a unique, personal experience for each guest experience.

Savvy Sales and Marketing

Our knowledgeable sales and marketing team is responsible for the development of the Kamla Hotels brand, its marketing promotion campaigns, and its successful occupancy rates.
When it comes to marketing, Kamla supports its diverse brands and markets through its own in-house centralized marketing services. We conduct competitive market analyses, assess key demographics, and use advanced pricing models to continuously evolve the strategies for each Kamla hotel-all of which boosts our properties' competitiveness in the ever-changing market.
In addition, our expert marketing team develops response-driven advertising and promotional campaigns for every Kamla property. These campaigns can include everything from social media marketing to traditional print, outdoor and web advertising. Every promotional effort gauged for its response rate, and ability to generate revenue.

Integrity in Finance and Accounting

At Kamla Hotels, the finance and accounting team is committed to the highest level of accounting standards, and operate with complete transparency and integrity. Kamla partners with the most reputable financial institutions and lenders to expand the portfolio of hotels for its clients. Kamla also provides recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance and business opportunities for its clients.
At Kamla, our team diligently maintains accounting processes-from general ledger preparation and accounts payable, to accounts receivable and the monitoring of cash flows-to ensure the highest level of accuracy and accountability. Financial information is presented to our clients in The Uniform System of Accounts, endorsed by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Our managers, corporate staff and clients have real time access to the financial statements, financial statistics and other supplementary schedules that help gauge the current financial state of a hotel as well as forecast for the future.

Revenue Optimization

Kamla Hotels takes a strong proactive approach to building a sales environment that is positive, innovative and highly productive. Based on in-depth analyses of trends in key markets, rate parity strategies and channel management, we develop comprehensive forecasts complete with daily, weekly and monthly revenue goals. Our automated systems give revenue managers more time for strategic thinking and implementing appropriate revenue management plans which are in line with our market research. We also work closely with our front office associates to help them capitalize on revenue optimizing opportunities.
Our sales efforts are also supported by extensive public relations and marketing programs which help boost our brand recognition and occupancy rates. These promotional activities also help to ensure a steady flow of business throughout the year, which greatly benefits our clients.

Human Resources and Legal Counsel

In the hotel industry, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our guests is the key to repeat business and long-term success. At Kamla Hotels, we believe the best way to exceed guest expectations is to help our associates meet the highest standards of hospitality and service. We encourage associates to communicate and share ideas that can enhance the customers' experience-and bolster their own sense of career satisfaction. By creating a positive work environment, Kamla fosters a genuine spirit of hospitality that hotel guests instinctively feel-and that can have the guests returning to Kamla hotels for years to come.
Of course, every hotel at one time or another comes across a special situation that requires legal counsel. At Kamla, you can rest easy knowing that our team has access to top legal representation to protect the investments and interests of our clients.